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updated  01/21/2015


The GeezeCats  This Tuesday, and every Tuesday

7:30 -10:30

 30676 Detroit @ Bradley in Westlake  



The GeezeCats are back !

 Willoughby Brewing  

Wednesday, Feb., 11

6:00 - 8:00 Non Stop

1/2 off most appetizers until 7:00 




Back in Print and Ready for the Taking…. for only $10
our 2nd CD  " Once Upon Awhile Ago"



Come see 
Elbert's  Other Band 
"The Chesterfields"
next appearance:

Wednesday January 28th.  @ The Savannah in Westlake, Detroit @ Bradley

7:30 Show Time



Sorry,  CD's are currently sold out

   "Old School" and guess what? "Stay Old" 
are currently  out if print

"They'll make great gifts for any occasion"


"Our Newest Release"
3rd CD


                                                                                  "And The One That Started It All"   
                    "The Guest Starring"                                         "The Original"
                              2nd CD                                                        1st CD                




This Tuesday and Every Tuesday @ 7:30
Savannah Bar & Grill
Bradley @ Detroit in Lakewood 



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